Hi Monti The groomers were hoping I
wouldn't pick her(shichon) up .I will be
taking the bow out before my husband gets
home.We will be seeing my husband's
parents this weekend.What a treat for
them.Thanks for Zippi(shichon)!  Jill
Gracie (shichon) is a DREAM!!!!!!  My
husband was the hard sell on getting a
dog. Now when he comes home to where
is my heard him use since our kids were
babies. We love her so much and are so
happy we have her. She is the envy of all
the other
The Picture above is one and
a half years later!  
Hi Monti - He(Shichon) has brought so much
happiness to her life (and mine).  Thought you
would enjoy this Halloween photo of him!Thank
you again, Maryann
Hi Monti,  A little update on our
Baxter(Shichon) He has the  sweetest
personality. He's such a doll!  wonderful
dog!-Melissa B-
Best puppy(shichon) ever! What a trooper!  
Jennifer F.
Thanks for bringing us together.  She sits,comes
and rolls Over (sometimes).. do Thanks for bringing
us together.  She owe it all to you.I hope you will
not get tied sits,comes and rolls Over
(sometimes).. do sits,comes and rolls Over
(sometimes).. do I sound as if I am in LOVE??? I
am and I I sound as if I am in LOVE??? I am and I
owe it all to you.I hope you will not get tied of my
updates. Monti. I still think of you as her little Lola
Hi Monti,I just wanted to let you
she(shichon)is awesome!  She is such a
sweet girl and we are having so much fun
with her.  We had her to the vet yesterday
and everything checked out great. She has
definitely stolen our hearts and is such a
wonderful you updated on her
progress.Thanks for everything!  Tanya
Dear Monti,I am finally getting out some
pictures to you.  As you can see, Dora
(shihpoo) loves life in Maine.  And we
love Dora.  I already know, after having
several dogs, that she is that “one
special dog” for me.  She’s got the
sweetest personality, and is always ready
for adventure.  Everyone seems to love
her.  She has exceeded all of our
expectations! Thanks again for
everything! Eileen
Hi Monti, I thought you might like to see how
much of a blast she(shichon) is.! She's doing
great...and such a sweetie.  Hope all is well
with you.
Best regards,Kathy
Hi Monti,Thought I'd send you a few
photos of Ollie (malshi).  He is doing
great & we're loving him!
Hope all is well in Iowa!  Truly,Tiffany
She is so sweet, so EASY, and she is already best
friends - Ella (shichon) jI think all of San with my
roommates Chihuahua/Pug "Churri". Thank you so
much she is a dream come true!Enjoy the pictures!  
Hi Monti, The girls are wonderful, and play together very well.  Since Stella (shihpoo)
has learned to bark (very loudly too) she’s asking for the moon, if you know what I
mean.  It’s very difficult to get a good picture of them together because Pukka is so
light colored and Stella is so dark.  I have attached a couple of photos of them and
our new motorcycles.  Stella just got a new haircut, and it changed her whole look
(sending before and after).  I had to get it out of my system, wondering how she’d
look w/a poodle cut.  Oh my, what a change....Br Ginger
Hi Monti,  We just wanted you to see our
beautiful Sophie(shichon) since she's a year
old today! The can't thank you enough!!!  
Dan and Meredith
Monti -  People stop us everywhere we go. She
friends with a beautiful and very gentle Great
(shichon) also loves Big dogs. She has become Her
best friend is a dog named Bentley who is half
Cocker Spaniel and half Bichon Frise. Thank you
again for bringing this Blessing into our lives she is
such a joy!  Christina
Hi Monti! Archie (shichon) is doing great. He
graduated from puppy kindergarten.  He is
just the biggest sweetheart!  Thank you so
much for such a great little guy!Betsy and
Hey Monti, Here is a recent very healthy
and lovable dog(shichon). She very
brought so much joy into our grown up!
She has grown to be a lives and we love
her to death. Hope your are doing well.
We love Baili(shichon) so much.  She has the
personality of a young child, not a dog.  Hard
to explain.
Matt & Kelli
Shana (shichon) into moviestar
everyone comes over to pet her.......
Your The Best,Julia
Dear Monti,I(shichon) will be 9 months old be spoiled!  
I get so excited when someone next week.  I am a
very good puppy and love to buys toys...my mom and
dad tell me that I am way!  If it isn't too hot out, I
play with my of a lazy-bones in the morning...I love to
snuggle.  Thank you formaking me the best puppy
updated pics.  But this pic was from the w/e.  
He(shihpoo) got groomed and we just came back
from a Hey Monti.....I've been slacking in getting
you some the other puppies.If his siblings ever
want to photo exchange please give them my
email :) Thx.  ~CINDY~
Gretta(Shichon) and all three kids Gretta has finished
all of her shots and Monti,Here is a weeks ago.  She
is now going up and down the staircase with ease.
Gretta is the school "tennis mascot".  All of the
parents are so amazed at how social, yet well
behaved she is when she is in a crowd. We love her.
Hi Monti! Its been awhile and I (shichon -
Feb 08). He is doing wonderful, I can't
believe he's been best personality and makes
us smile everyday.  He loves to cuddle,go for
walks around town and go on car rides. He is
so much fun to have around!  Thanks
again!Sarah J.
Hi Monti,  I just wanted share a picture we took
after Sullivan, Murphy and Brody had a playdate!
Three generations of Timbercreek
(shichon)Puppies and they are all wonderful!! are
all wonderful!! Sullivan is now 2, Murphy is 1 and
Brody is the baby!  They are so special. We LOVE
them all so much!
Hope all is well in Iowa,Blessings,Suzanne
Hi Monti - Isabella (Malshi) is getting a
bit bigger and her color much lighter
and oh she goes everywhere with me.  
Such a lovey girl.  Mommy Chrissy
Hi Monti - My babies (shichons)are doing
great, and Bella is becoming a real love
bug.  (Bruno always has been)  He is so
silly and happy.   The Vet's office love it
when they come in.  Thanks Again,
Linda N.
Hi Monti -  It's hard getting them all together at once!
Hope you have gotten the pics I've sent. She's an
amazing little girl as a part of the family!!!!!  Danielle
We went to the dog park yesterday and
she was little miss social butterfly...saying
hello to everyone there.  I haven't met
anyone or any dog she is afraid of.  Bailey is
doing well.  He is not that he will get best
of friends and go looking around if one of
them is missing.  I think Bella is probably
around 7 lbs but we will find out tomorrow
for sure when she goes to the vet. Take
Cathy and I love her dearly she love her papa
(me). But that's because I'm retired and
spend more time with her, and grant her
more liberty to play and run. She always has
to be with ever we do. All the dog owners in
best face they've little dog with a great
disposition. I want to thank you for being our
contact in purchasing her and giving our live a
fuller depth.  Hope all is well with you and
you're supplying many families with the joy of
a good breed.   From CT,  David
Hi Monti, Hello from Atlanta! We wanted loves
going out on the boat and swimming in the lake.
He turns one on Sunday!  Thank you for taking
such good care of him and bringing him into our
lives!  Angela and Tim
Hi Monti,It's been awhile!  Just
wanted to let you know how
great Teddy(shichon) is doing and
how much we love him.Here is
the latest picture we have. He
got his Spring haircut today.
Doesn't he look
handsome?:)Many thanks for
bringing this joyful little ball into
our lives.Nicole C.Highland Park, Il.
Dear Mama Monti. Yep, it's true i am the
best shihpoo ever!   How are my mom and
dad and all of my aunties? (Shihpoo)
She absolutely the most adorable and
literally stops traffic wherever we Hey
Lady- Macie Rose(shichon) is completely
under her spell as well as the  entire family
and all our friends. Her personality is a best
choice possible and we are so blessed to
have her.   Don't be surprised if we come
back to you incredibly special dogs. Thank
you so much for breeding these
wonderful dogs .Blessings to You and
Yours,CarlisleLos Gatos, Ca
He keeps us entertained, we will have to "adopt" little
girl one of these days and spoil her rotten now that I
have the time.  We love him to pieces. Hope all is well
with you and your great family!
Gary and Twila, McPherson, KS
Thanks for bringing her(Shichon) into our lives.  She
just graduated from  puppy kindergarten.   loose leash
most of the time She is a bit over 8 months now and
thriving!  :-), fetches and returns  anywhere when
she hears her emergency recall  But you know,  she is
still the APPLE of my EYE!  Jim has really warmed up  
to her and enjoys their time together too.  All 5
grandsons are nuts about her and the feeling is
mutual.  Thanks again for breeding such a WINNER.  
Hugs, Clareen and Licks, Annie
This is our son Alex with
Loui(shichon) this fall.  Beth
We love our sweet, adorable Max!!! Maria N.
Hi Monti, Cuddles(malshi) is doing well
with potty training.   The other day,
he got his first haircut here and did
rather well at the groomers.  before
next Saturday's class. I've attached a
couple pictures of Cuddles.  Kind
He (shichon)really is such a sweet dog with
a fun personality and we are so glad to
have him apart of our lives.Hope you enjoy
the pictures of him.Talk to you later, Kevin
& Gwen
Hi Monti,We just love her so much and so does all
my family and friends.  is just a joy.  We are so glad
we found you adorable little '
teddy bears'!Susan
Monti - We love her sooo much. She is the center
of our lives. Sophie turned one(Shichon) She
could sit like that for ever over and letting the
scratch her belly. Don't know what we ever did
with out her being part of the family. Thanks for
our Sophie, Barbara P. and Family
She sleeps inside one of her "baby" beds on  
Thanks again for bringing him(shichon) into
our lives....what a delight he is :)
Thanks again for everything Monti
Hi Mom Monti,We made it home safe and
sound......Laura just got home from work a
bit ago and has not let go of Abby.   Abby is
doing great and so funny, she has cried a
little bit, but ate her dinner without any
problem.Abby will see our Vet on Monday
morning.  Thanks again! Jan & all
Hi Monti. I am attaching some cute pictures of
Bagel. I really think the Shichon is the best dog
breed!  Bagel is adorable, great with the kids,
sweet, smart, funny and so full of personality.  As I
said to you on the phone, you can’t help but smile
when he’s around J. Thanks. Michelle
Monti,    My daughter Emily was in the play
"Annie".   Oliver(shichon) played the part of off
his new swim trunks for the Cast swim but it
was a cute picture!  lol.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Juli
We love  her tons!!!!  Everywhere we go,
pet store, vet. everyone comments on how
CUTE she(Shihpoo) is.  I personally think she
is the cutest puppy in the world!  Elsa :}=
Isn't Rosie (shihpoo)adorable?  I saw Abby
(Rosie's sister)on your puppy page.She is
such a good girl we love her so much.  
Monti -  Here is an update.  Bella Thought it  was so cute I
should send it as makes us laugh daily and I can't imagine
being an us laugh daily and I can't imagine something
happens to Bailey (11 yrs.  old) as being an "empty nester"  
without her.  it as laugh about the day Megan and I it as
laugh about the day Megan and I played "hooky" from
school to come meet Bella for the first time.   We laughed
again the other night about Mike coming home and seeing
Bella and saying, "She's not a dog, she's a guinea pig!"  haha  
The hunter LOVES his little dog now! Hope all is well with
you and your family.  The poochons look adorable!Happy
Summer, Karen B
Hey Monti:I picked the best pic we took  She is
getting neutered this Friday PetSmart.  She is
underneath my feet now chewing on her chew
toy.  Potty of Hey Monti:I picked the best pic
we took appt.   I have NO idea how you get
the training went quite well, a and she sleeps in
her crate in our bedroom.  She must be close
to 6 pounds or more.  Haven't really found her
to be scared of anything either.  She is a joy
and we're sure glad we have her to fill our lives
with that unconditional love and amazing grace
from above!Hope everything is going great with
your family. Blessings,Carol
Shes doing great! We named her Ava it.
She LOVES to cuddle, and of her all the
time. She is my baby! The Shes doing
great! We named her Ava kids are crazy
about her! crate at night so good I cant
believe Sometimes we have to share her
LOL .  Thank you for giving us such a
wonderful little girl. We just adore
her!!!!Take Care-Melissa
Maggie(shichon) is doing well – she will turn 4
months old next week and patient with the
small kids (almost 3 and wanting to play and
hold her.  She likes to (even though she has
many beds) and she also likes to sleep near us
on the couch, not on us, just next to us.  Of
course, she challenges the combing and
brushing, yet she is learning who is boss .She
has such great hair – very soft,  We love her
tons and thank you for bringing her into our
Take care,  Jen
Here are some pictures of started to give
him a hair cut last send a couple of Maxwell
was  Not impressed with the idea.  We are
still working on getting him trimmed up, and
such a sweet dog.  We all Love him!!!  We
thinking we will work on it some more this
weekend.   Our cat has finally made the
adjustment, and often times the cat will
"attack" Maxwell to all is going great with
you.  It feels like fall has arrived, and I am
enjoying it.Have a great day!  Chris
Hi Monti -  Here is Nike
(malshi)struttin his stuff at his new
home in London Ontario Canada .
He is just a doll! Louise
In his(shichon) comfy bed...with his blanket
of course.   I just wanted to let you know
that all is well here. Thanks again,Amanda
the best greeting every time we walk in the
door.  He is now almost 6 months old and he
is just over 7lbs.  And guess what...he is
already house broken!!  He makes us so happy
every day and we are York City and is
becoming famous in the big apple!  This is the
first of many pictures to come. All the best in
Love, Lindsay & Justin
She walk down to the
Shea's house to see
Sammie's best buddy Mac.
They have so much fun
together! They could play
all day long. Everyone in
our family loves our little
Sammie and all thanks to
you -Perri
Monti, Thought you might enjoy some before and after
pics of Chloe's (shichon)first haircut from a couple of
weeks ago.  The first three are before pics, she just
got done with her spa day here at home.  The last
three are from right after her first haircut.  I can't
believe how much lighter in color she is now!  Also, I
bet you can imagine how long that bow lasted in her
hair....all of about 2.2 seconds!  Kristi
They are having the best time together!! Hampty is
the best big brother and Niko(shichon) has learned so
much from him. Niko is adorable! Loving him  What in
the world are the chances?!
Love Lindsay
Monti,  I hope this email finds you is
doing.   I have been meaning to send
you a complimented me on how calm he
is. We are attending Puppy school and
am learning new things each week.  
Perry (shihpoo) is a very smart dog.   I
think Perry is probably the most popular
dog in my building.  Everyone stops to
talk to him his first appointment at the
groomer.    Oveda
Hello Monti
Just loving up my little Wooly Wally!  
Here is a photo and will send some
little brother and they are having so
much fun playing. Thank you for
such a beautiful little boy!  ruthie
Hi Monti,  We are enjoying our new puppy a
lot. His name is Shiloh(shichon).
Thanks, Laura
Hi Monti!!  I just wanted to check in with you and let
you know that Jovie(shichon) is doing good.  We have
really enjoyed her, and Colton did not have to worry
at all about her not having personality – she is quite
sassy .Everyone that has met her has loved her.  
Even Brad is talking baby talk to her.  He tried saying
that he wouldn’t   Devin calls me to see how she is
doing too – so much for tough men!  She is definitely
part of the family.Thanks so much and we will keep in
Everything about this 3.4 oz little wild man!!!
Thank you!  Thank you! For providing our family
with the perfect adorable baby!! Dave, Mary,
Maddi and HunterAnd Harvey, Teddy and Louie
Hi Monti,   Coco(shihpoo)  is a delightful
addition to our family, feisty but very
sweet as you predicted.  Her brother,
Hunter, outweighs her by at least 4 lbs.
but she rules at 7lbs.  Have had many
people compliment her on the Hope
you and your family are doing well!  I
recommend you to everyone!  Jane W.
think she’s been a part of our lives for that protector.  
We are so grateful Bella(shichon) changed our home
and hearts.  I am so glad that I finally gave in and let
Jeff get a dog!  Angela
Bailey & Cooper (shichons) are 4 years old, doing
welland just as spoiled as ever.  
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Merry Christmas!!!  Mari B.
Isabella(shichon) just celebrated her 4th
birthday!  The time has flown by!  She is
a great companion; I don't know what I
would do without her!  
Hope all is well with you.
Regards, Kathy
Hello Monti  & family - We thought we would send you an update
on Opie(shichon) [formerly known as Gabriel]. He just turned one
yr old.......Now it's time for some bragging.    He's such a
wonderful little guy..so good natured. He was very quick to
house/potty train. He has never barked during the night time.
Thank you so much for Opie...Can't imagine our home without
him........We are 100% satisfied! I'm attaching a pic of Opie &
David & Ray Springfield , Il
is "LOVED!"......
Murphy just came back from the groomer.  
We can't express how much we all love this
lil guy.  He is so much fun.  Super feisty and
certainly has a mind of his own, but so darn
cute!  He has made lots of friends.  
Hope you are well!  Tracy T.
This is Rusty Brown-Allen from Brooklyn,
New York.  He is now 8 months old and a  
joy to our lives.
Thanks Monti from Barbara & Michael."
Our Puppy Album
We hope you enjoy our family puppy photo album. These families are some of the
finest families around and have opened their homes and hearts to our puppies.
We feel incredibly blessed to have met and worked with such wonderful people.
Updated 11/2018
Whoever says you can't buy happiness has never owned a puppy!
Hi Monti,
I hope all is well with you. We LOVE Moshi (shichon)
and are enjoying having her as part of the family.
Attached are some pictures of Moshi and Sedona....the buzz
around town is their as happy as can bee :)
Hi Monti...I can't begin to tell you how much joy this
little guy(shichon) brings to our lives.  I'm attaching
two photos: the first one was when he was about a
year old, and,  he is THE cutest of all the admittedly
cute puppies on your family page.  But, that's just
me.The second photo is recent.  He is the FUNNIEST
thing!  In stuffed gorilla.  This is probably the fifth or
sixth one we've bought him.  Since he was a baby, he
would seek out that particular toy and suck on it to
put himself to sleep.  He still does the same thing...four
years later!  When he was younger, the first thing he'd
do was chew the gorilla's ears off.  Later, since his
favorite spot (then and now) to get a grip is the
gorilla's butt, the toy would eventually split open, and
I'd order a new one.  Now that Peugeot is more
"mature," the gorilla gets to keep his ears and his
innards intact!  
Anyway, just wanted to touch base with you in case I
do decide that I want to take on another pet to keep
little Peugeot company and provide you with a couple
of photos in case you'd like to add them to your
family page. Hope all is well with
you.Sincerely,Adrienne C, FL
As of 10 days ago, Scherzy is basking in Florida sunshine. She
seems to be happy no matter what State she is in - Iowa,
Wisconsin or Florida. She traveled well and no one even
knew she was under my seat.  The last ten minutes of the
second flight she was ready to get out of the carrier but
was well behaved and patient. When people did "OMG,
WHAT A CUTE PUPPY" comments.  I just smiled with an "I
know it" look!She's such a hoot and like you said, has no
idea that's she's "little".  We absolutely love her!  She
LOVES everybody and is so friendly.  She sleeps ALL night in
her crate with her Monti blanket and has done so since the
third night, she loves her playpen by day, and when on the
loose can be calm as can be, or a funny, crazy, wound up
puppy. IOur son came down to Florida for a few days to
help us get settled in so now he's met Scherzy (picture
below), and Julie brought her two boys down for 4 days, so
she's slowly meeting the family.  They all think she's adorable
and are so happy that we plunged into puppy parenting.
Hugs, Ellie & Sandy
Hello Monti,
It's been a year since we brought
"Mojo" home and we just adore him!  
Thank you so much!  Here are some
pictures to enjoy!The second one is the
day after we brought him home:  last
The first one is this summer when he
was 1 year old!  What a cutie!He has
the best personality!  Hardly ever barks
(except when a passerby has a dog and
he is in the yard he runs up and down
the fence letting them know this is his
territory).  He has a deep big bark for a
little guy!  He is 12 pounds!  :)
Thanks, Thane Ann
Hi Monti - Just an update of our sweet
precious Sadie.  She turned 2 on Sept
20th-yes already!  She is the absolute joy
of our family and is spoiled.
Hi, Monti - Thought you might like to see a few pictures of
the girls. Betty just turned 6 months, although, to Martha,
I think it seems more like 6 years!!!  They are best friends
and love each other to pieces, and Betty hasn't lost one
ounce of her feistiness!!!  I may be a little biased, but I'm
pretty sure I have the cutest puppies ever!  Hope
everything is good with you and your family and hope you
are planning your East Coast trip soon.  Carrie

xoxo Carrie, Martha Mae & Betty
Hi Monti,
Attached are some photos of Buttercup (malshi).  She is about
9 pounds,  a joy to me, and always into something!!  :-)  She is
going on 2 now , and absolutely loves other dogs, kids, and
everyone. She is such a great companion and loads of fun. Right
now she is tossing her food around before she eats it!  I'll keep
you posted and let you know if I decide to get a "sister " for
her. Glad to hear from you!Thanks,Lisa
Hi Monti -  Here are the pictures of Tanner & Tasha
(shichon). Freshly groomed for their birthdays.  They are
doing great and have their own personalities. They are
13# now and are so cute to watch.We just LOVE them
so much.  Thanks, Lisa
Tanner & Tasha(shichons) turn 1...
.They are incredibly spoiled!
Dear Monti - I should have sent this to you a long time ago and
I am hoping that Madison (Malshi) can make it onto the puppy
fame page.  Without a doubt she is the cutest little dog on
the planet.  She goes everywhere with me (all 5.7 lbs of her)
and everyone wants to pet her and hold her and play with
her.  My can puppy sit.  She has been on airplanes and to
clients' homes and some of my clients won't let me come
unless I bring her along.  She is so smart and has such a spunky
personality but yet loves to cuddle.  She loves to watch other
dogs on TV - Westminster Annual Show in NYC - she watched
for about an hour and barked every time a new dog came on.  
I am having so much fun with her. We are about to go on a
cross country trip this summer !  Everyone asks where I got
her and I always tell everyone about you because she has the
most wonderful personality and the best temperament.  We
adore her !!!  I think I have passed on your name to about 10
people.  But she is marvelous and we love her.  Just the
perfect little companion.  Thank you thank you!!LydiaF-Owner
of Madison
-Born on August 18, 2013 - Malshi Puppy
Hi Monti!I hope all is well with you.  I am sending you a
couple of pictures of Buttercup(Malshi).  She has a tough
life...She goes to get her first grooming on Thursday, and
she is so funny!!!  Her favorite thing to do is get inside of
the copper container where I keep her toys, and roll around
in it!!I gave your name to a couple a few weeks ago.  
Maybe they will contact you!Take care and thanks! Lisa
from Clareen and Jim - Los Gatos - California
Hey there Monti. This is Jaclyn S from Las Vegas
Nevada. My husband and I got a
shi-poo from you
about 3 years ago. I flew back there and got her from
you and your son. Bella came from Jackie's litter.  I also
look at your website every once a while to look at all
the adorable puppies wishing we could get another
one!!!  :)  And well I thought I would update you on
Bella, she is sooo wonderful. We are so happy to have
her. She is so fun gentle and loving. She is soo smart
too! She knows all of her toys by name! She has a new
friend...not a puppy but a little baby girl. My husband
and I just had a little girl, Ariana.  Its funny bc Bella's
birthday is October 3rd and I ended up having Ari
October 8th so they can celebrate their birthdays
together! Haaha  Bella is so protective of Ari and
loooves her to death. They are sooo cute together.
Bella loves giving her kisses and Ari just lights up when
she sees Bella, they take lots of naps together too!
Here are some recent pictures!  I could never thank
you enough for such a wonderful dog!  Jaclyn and Nick
Thought I would share photos of our last
puppy.  CHARLIE (shichon)born 3-22-10.   
Bless his little soul, he was such a sweet,
sweet pup!  AMY S
Reilly with his puppies Ollie & Bella(shichons)!!
Thanks for everything! The Islers
Finally a picture of Bella(shichon) and
Abby together!  We all enjoyed the
beautiful weather outside as we got
our flower beds ready for Spring. Bella
is doing absolutely wonderful...and
Abby truly loves her company!
Good evening. Our girl got a haircut!  
Changed her look! Chloe is 5 months old
and a gigantic 3 pounds. She makes
people oooooh and aaaah everywhere
we go on Long Island and in New York
City!  She's miss popular. Jordyn loves
her little
Malshi girl and the feeling is
mutual I believe.  Chloe mastered the
stairs going up and let's us know that
down is not her thing!  She has a love
affair with being in her bag and is so
happy when inside it allowing us to pet
her there. Chloe updates to continue.  
All the best Julie Jordyn and Chloe
This is Bootsy(shichon) at 6
months old. She has become
quite the little is such a good
girl. Still no barking or
shedding!!!!! My asthma and
allergies are in good shape!
Thanks again--- The Mattuchio
Hey Monti thought you would enjoy these
pics of our sweet baby Gracie(Malshi). The
Kevin Edward!  Attached is Kevin's
(shichon) Kindergarten Graduation
picture, clearly you can see why he
was voted cutest boy in the class!  
He's doing great, pulling a rug
across the room as I type.  Hope all
is well with you!
Hi Monti, here is Milo(shihpoo). I think he is close to
10 pounds. Thanks for the note!
We love him! Kim
Hi Monti!
I just wanted to show you a photo of
Cleo(malshi), our almost 7 month year
old her training is going very well.
Thanks so much for bringing us
-Adele M.
Hi Monti,I just want to let you know that Rufus(shihpoo) is
still a perfect pup. Gosh, that is the best investment ever!
Anyhow, Rufus is the best. In fact, he just won model of
the month on wherever he goes. He is so loved.Thank you
Hi Monti!
Thank you for giving us such joy! Corduroy
has such a sense of humor :)
Paisley Kramer (shichon) is ready for the
pool! Love her :)
Hi Monti- Mike and Amy R. from Cedar Falls, Iowa. With our beloved
(Malshi, Louie's, 1st birthday being August 18th, we wanted to share
how he is doing with you. Louie is from Miss Bea and Georgio; siblings
are Sage, Madison and Hank. He is 5 lbs full-grown, loves to take walks,
play, do tricks, eat, and snuggle with Mama and Papa! Louie recently
won the "Cedar Valley's Cutest Pet" contest! We love him dearly and
are so proud to have him; Louie has brought so much joy and
unconditional love to our lives and home. Thanks Monti!!
Hello Monti it's the Goostreys from California.
Today was Axels (Malshi) first birthday 9-14
and we wanted to thank you for blessing us
with such a loving dog.
A bundle of joy, Matilda(malshi). She is 6 months today and
has brought so much joy to our lives. She is so much more
than we could ever expect!
At the tender age of 14 weeks she traveled with us to France
once she received all the required vaccines. She was a dream
on the plane and slept her way through. We stayed there for
7 weeks and Matilda seriously enjoyed French food, especially
the cheese. She also went on a two week camper trip to
Spain and to the South of France. She was simply perfect all
along. Being a puppy, she slept while we were on the road
and enjoyed all the places we visited. Without fail, she was
the center of everyone's attention everywhere we went! At
4.5lbs, she remains on the tiny side, and we couldn't love her
any more. She is just so cute and delicious ... and maybe a
little bit spoiled. She has many dog friends in the
neighborhood and enjoys her strolls in Central Park. All in all,
Matilda is doing very well! We hope you do too.      Barbara
PS: Carolina is still on your website daily, checking if Matilda has
siblings. In fact, we met one of her half sibling (Cleo) a couple
of weeks ago.They both have Giorgio as their dad :) although
they couldn't look more different. To us, nothing comes close
to our little Matilda.
love and both give her hugs and kisses before putting
her in her kennel area.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve
comments on how cute she is – EVERY DAY!!  She’s
around 16 lbs. now and I’ve decided I like her coat a little
shorter than longer.  She is NOT a jumper, which is a
good thing.  Dave built her a ramp so she can get up on
the I hope you’ve had a good year.  Ours has been full
of love and sofa (you can see part of it in the picture).  
She loves I hope you’ve had a good year.  Ours has
been full of love and EVERYBODY!!!!  She loves going on
walks and chasing the friendly lone other animals.  It’s
obvious that she would never hurt the cat but it has
become a fun game for the both of them.  Her car
sickness has just started to subside.  We took her on her
first 2 ½ hour drive on Thanksgiving without her getting
sick.  We still can’t let her go outside without a
leash…when given the opportunity she will take off to go
see the neighbors and I’m afraid to say that I think she
would chase cars if left unleashed.  All in all she is amazing
and I want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity
to give her a home.
We are wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday
Season.Merry Christmas,Cheryl and Dave C.
addition.  She is about 4.5 pounds now.    
She is cute and very happy!! Terri
around10 lbs.She loves to play fetch  non
and She(shihpoo) really is a doll,she weighs
unique silver.Thank you Monti
we love her so much. Pat
kids. We all love him and he is such a great dog!  I am sure you will be
getting other calls from people in my  neighborhood as I always get stopped
on the street since people think he is soooooo cute!
Thanks again, Judy, NY
We had a great first Christmas:) We
absolutely adore CoCo (shichon)! She has
brought SO much happiness to our family!!!
Jeanna B- Baton Rouge

Happy New Year Monti to you and your family. Can't believe Gracie
will be 5 in less than a week. She continues to be our sweet
wonderful theater that my grandchildren perform at from time to time and has
Everywhere we go he(shichon) is so loved! Now he is seven and a half and still
has the for been awarded the best small community theater in Texas. Here is a
photo of him a principal role in The Wizard of Oz and our local theater The
Plaza. This is a resting up after rehearsal and one of him with his Dorothy in
rehearsal. Tommy and Dale P. & Murphy
about a little over a year ago. He is the best dog ever. He has
to snuggle. Thank you so much for him.
Thought you would like some pictures..
is now 6 years old  she is the sweetest
dog ever. Everyone loves her and she
brings so much joy to our lives. Thanks!
Here are some new pictures of our baby.
Jennifer N.
Hello Monti- hope all is well in
Burlington.   Tessa Belle Evans is 1 year
old today 2/4/2015!!  She has brought
us so much joy and we just love her
dearly.  We think of you often and
follow your website just to see all the
beautiful babies! !  
The Evans
Hi Monti
Here are 6 month old brothers Titan (left) and Wylie (right)
Titan lives in NJ and Wylie lives in Ct but they see each other
monthly. We adore our fabulous Shichons.  We were both first
time dog owners and these adorable little morsels are irresistible.   
Thanks for everything! Stacey & Lorrie S.
Hi, Monti!
It’s me — Lola!
I am seven years old today,
and I am still super fun,
cuddly, and cute (even with
I do say so myself.‘Hope all is
well with you and your family.
Love, Lola!
Hi Monti!!! Hope you & your family are all doing
well!  Are you still creating those sweet cute
puppies?  Izze just turned 5 yrs. old yesterday!  
of friends & spoiled rotten!  Izze is the new
“Cover Elle is on our Vets Facebook as one of
the “cutest" puppies!  They are so sweet &
their personalities are so different.  Izze is the
“Diva” & Elle is our “Casual” but “Alpha" dog.  
They bring us a lot of happiness!:) Sincerely,
Barb & Doug 2015
Hi.  Hope all is well.  Noosie (Shihpoo) is just
over 5 lbs now.  Doing greatw/ P- training.
He's got the best personality.  He gets along
great w/ our neighbor's big dogs!Thanks
again.  He's a great addition to our family.
Matt D.
Thanks so much for the best birthday
present ever! (Bronco- shichon)
Hi monti!  I just want to show you the picture
of kona (shichon) when he was a puppy and 4
years later now! He is the best dog and my
best friend and it is all thanks to you!!! Hope
you are doing well!!!  Thanks, Jaclyn S.
This pup is so loved by the 5
of us! Especially my husband!
He is house trained!! So smart,
affectionate, fun and loveable.
Hope you and your family are
Max & (Jackson) are getting along very well.  
Three nights in a row with no crying.  Loves to
play and then rest!  He has quickly become a
part of our family.Not ever having a pet I didn’t
you for bringing him into our lives.   He is the best addition to
our photos you post on Instagram of your other dogs and
thought well let me send you some pics of our own gorgeous
boy.   Thanks.    Best, Debbie S
two. Thank you so much for
bringing him into our life's.
He couldn't have ask for a
better brother for Mabel.
Sending you a picture of him
getting his summer cut.
Hope all is well with you and
your family. Thanks again.
Tony S.
Boomer (Malshi) turns 6!
The love of our life.
The Broeg Family
Monti:    We wanted to share some pictures
and update you on the fantastic adventures
of Nikko (shihpoo) at our house.  ��.  He is
everything you said he would be, smart,
friendly and loving.   He follows us
everywhere we go around the house so he
doesn't miss an instant of action.  He also
loves to be outside with us and inspect
every blade of grass, look at all the flowers
and is fascinated by bugs.  we can't imagine
a day without him.  ❤️
Dearest Monti & Jeff-It's hard to know where to start telling you about these goofy-
puppy-brothers (SHIHPOOS) who turned 1 a couple weeks ago. They weigh about
11-12 pounds each. My vet loves them (calls them "the handsome brothers") and is
very encouraging to me to continue to take such good care of them. EVERYWHERE
I take them, people are so drawn to them and tell me how adorable and well-
behaved and sweet and funny and loving they are. No argument from me! They
have added "shake" to their repertoire of 'tricks' - however, sometimes Stinker has to
'tap' Dickens' front paw to remind him how to 'shake'. Thank you so much for
making it possible for me to have BOTH of these adorable puppies who have no idea
what life would be like without each other����������With love & gratitude,Kathy R
Happy 4th of July from Merlin!
Our sweet Noosie Dahm (shihpoo) first
Our sweet Daisy (shichon) Chillaxin!!!
Thanks for sharing Georgeann!
Quite a picture Susan!  They look like they
are meant to be together!  Thanks for
She (shichon) is so sweet and lovable and
has brought us such joy. Thanks again for
allowing us to purchase her.  We love her so
much. Jeanne and Irv
Des Moines IA
Thanks for sharing and enjoyed your visit!  
Playmate shihpoo puppy coming your way!  
Hi Monti - Bert (shichon puppy) enjoying his first
snow!  Albert continues to bring us so much joy
and happiness! We love him!  Lori C
Lily Belle (Shichon)-  Just too cute!  
Thanks for sharing Faith!
The Baker Girls!  Emie & Rosie. Thanks for
sharing Jeanne!  
Hi Monti - got my first haircut (Malshi) on
Friday. I still have my bow in, but the scarf
around my neck had to go.  I’m being such
a good girl for mommy and daddy. I love
people. Whenever mommy is walking me,
everyone stops to say how cute I am.  Miss
you and your family��❤️  M. Levy
Remy is living the dream!  
Thanks for sharing
Millie is 2!  She is our girl
on the planet!