Welcome to our Mal-Shi puppy page.
Our Mal-shi's are a first generation hybrid between
our purebred AKC Shihtzu and our
AKC purebred Maltese "Georgio" The Mal-shi has
combined the personality and loyalty of the Shihtzu
along with the gentleness, intelligence and non temperamental
qualities in the Maltese.  Our Mal-shi's otherwise known
the tiny "teddybears"!
are generally smaller averaging 6-10lbs as adults.
Enjoy the pictures of our available Mal-shi's.
There is a $250.00 deposit
to reserve your puppy.
(deposit is always transferable but nonrefundable)
Our puppies will only be placed in good,
stable and loving homes!
TimberCreek's "Malshis"
Malshi or Shihtzu-maltese Puppies
~For Sale ~
(319)752-5331 or email montiwag1@gmail.com
Ms. Leah puppies were born on August 31st!
Two boys & Two girls :)  
They will be ready for their homes in after November 12.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  
Reserved for
Brandon & Gili
Female L1- Available
Male L1- Available
Male L2- Available