Welcome to our Mal-Shi & Maltipoo puppy page.
Our Mal-shi's & Maltipoo's are a first generation hybrid between our
AKC purebred Shihtzu, our AKC purebred Maltese & our AKC purebred
poodle. The Mal-shi puppies have combined the personality and loyalty of the
Shihtzu along with the gentleness, intelligence and non temperamental
qualities in the Maltese. The Maltese and the AKC purebred Poodle cross are a
wonderful combination for our sweet Maltipoo's which of course has the
intelligence of the poodle added to the maltese personality and produces
the sweet & great natured maltipoos.The Malshi's and Maltipoo's are
generally smaller averaging 6-10lbs as adults.
Enjoy the pictures of our available Mal-shi's & Maltipoo puppies.
There is a $250.00 deposit to reserve your puppy.
(deposits are always transferable but nonrefundable)
Our puppies will only be placed in good,
stable and loving homes!
Malshi & Maltipoo Puppies
Shihtzu/maltese puppies
~ For Sale ~
(319)752-5331 or email montiwag1@gmail.com
Ms. Dotty's Malshi puppies were born on December 02nd.
They will be ready for their new homes after February 10th.
There is limited availability!
Please feel free to call or email us for more information.
"Chip" is reserved for
The Chesney Family
Reserved for
The Conley Family
Reserved for
The Assid Family
"Isabella" (Bella) is reserved for
The de la Serna Family.